10 Hobbies To Try In 2024

Andrew Derse
3 min readOct 25, 2023
Photo by Pok Rie via Pexels

With the approach of 2024 right around the corner, I’ve been looking for some new hobbies to try that will allow me to relax and reconnect with nature. Here are some of the cool ideas I’m looking forward to try in 2024.

Urban Gardening

As we move into 2024, urban gardening is a hobby that continues to gain popularity. It’s not only a sustainable way to grow your own food but also a therapeutic and rewarding experience. Whether you have a spacious backyard or just a small balcony, there are gardening options to suit all lifestyles and spaces.

Virtual Reality Gaming

The world of gaming is evolving rapidly, and in 2024, virtual reality (VR) gaming promises to offer immersive experiences like never before. VR headsets are becoming more affordable, and a wide range of games and simulations are available, making it an exciting hobby to explore.

Sustainable DIY Crafts

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, DIY crafts using recycled materials are gaining momentum. Whether it’s upcycling old furniture, creating eco-friendly home decor, or making your own natural skincare products, sustainable crafting is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible.


With advancements in camera technology and accessible telescopes, astrophotography has become an awe-inspiring hobby. In 2024, consider exploring the cosmos through your camera lens, capturing breathtaking images of stars, planets, and celestial events.

Home Brewing

Craft beer enthusiasts will find home brewing to be an exciting hobby. Experimenting with different recipes and brewing techniques can lead to unique and delicious beer creations. It’s a hobby that combines science and creativity in a satisfying way.


Beekeeping is not only fascinating but also contributes to the vital role of pollinators in our ecosystem. With concerns about declining bee populations, 2024 could be the year to embark on this rewarding journey and help support local biodiversity.

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