I Wrote 8 Books Using Amazon KDP … It Works!

Andrew Derse
2 min readDec 22, 2023
50 Dad Jokes for Programmers

Half way through 2023 I decided to go on a little adventure and got hooked into Medium. Hundreds of articles later, I learned about a little thing called Amazon KDP.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this program from Amazon, you can write and PUBLISH your own books directly on Amazon…no joke!

I was flabergasted.

For years I had wanted to write a book, but the idea of working with a publisher and editor and all that was just too daunting. The whole process just sucked up too much of my time and energy and drained all of the joy out of writing books.

That said, I have since discovered Amazon KDP and launched 8 books in a series called “50 Dad Jokes”. These books contain 50 “dad jokes” that I’ve either crafter or compiled together, added some images for coloring and viola. Simple book.

You can find all my books here: https://50dadjokes.com

The concept was easy and can be replicated, but I wanted to say and share that Amazon KDP actually does WORK and allows you to make money.

Here’s my monthly estimated royalties earnings for this to date:

I definitely recommend taking some time and learning about this process as it can be a little difficult to get your first book through the pipeline, but once you have it, rinse and repeat.

Now, once your books are published, you need to market the heck out of them. Go to Instagram and Facebook or whatever social media platform you like and start posting your content out there to draw people in.

If you don’t market it, you won’t get any sales…period.

Best of luck and let me know how I can help you get your next books published on Amazon KDP!