It’s All About This One Thing

Andrew Derse
2 min readNov 5, 2023
Photo by Ron Lach via Pexels

It’s easy to get buried in the day-to-day tasks and things we need to do in order to keep the lights on and bills paid. This daily grind can be exhausting if we lose sight of what it’s all about.

For most people, we work a 9–5 job. We punch the clock and put in the time doing the work asked of us, then clock out and head home.

If we’re lucky, we can transition well and leave work at work.

If not, that work travels home with us and extends into our personal lives, making little room for us or worse, our families and friends. This is not idea and I think it’s happening because we are losing sight of that one thing that makes what we do fulfilling.

So what is this mysterious “thing”.


The world revolves around the sun, but business revolves around people. Failing to understand this key (but basic) reality can shift our focus off of what really matters.

Sure, we all can acknowledge that what we are selling or doing is helping someone, somewhere. But I argue, that it’s easy to lose sight of this in the daily grind. Sometimes our noses are so close to the books (stats, revenue, bottom line) that we lose sight of the people behind the markets we serve and eventually lose the market share we were going after.

So, how do we fix this?

It’s really quite easy.

Slow down.

Lift you head up.

Talk to people.

Have conversations with your customers and really listen to them and fall back in love with the whole reason why you got started doing what you were doing in the first place.

Your customers are people and business revolves around people. If you aren’t taking the time to be a good human and listen to or talk with other humans, then I ask, what’s the point of all that we’re doing?