My Top 10 Books To Read In 2024

Andrew Derse
3 min readOct 26


Photo by cottonbro studio via Pexels

I LOVE reading books. Like devouring them. In a given month, I can read anywhere from 2–6 books and I’d love to read more! Most of the time I’m reading leadership or business books, but occasionally I love to dive into a fiction or book on history.

As we near 2024, these 10 books are on my TBR and I can’t wait to dive into them.

“The Book of Echoes” by Rosanna Amaka

Set in both Nigeria and England, this powerful novel delves into the lives of two characters separated by time and distance but connected by their shared experiences. It explores themes of identity, belonging, and the enduring impact of the past.

“Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir

For fans of science fiction, “Project Hail Mary” is a must-read. From the author of “The Martian,” this novel follows Ryland Grace, a lone astronaut on a mission to save humanity. Packed with scientific detail, humor, and a gripping storyline, it’s a thrilling adventure into the cosmos.

”The School for Good Mothers” by Jessamine Chan

This thought-provoking debut novel explores a dystopian future where mothers are sent to a school to learn how to be “good” parents. It raises questions about societal expectations, the role of women, and the consequences of conformity.

”Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty” by Patrick Radden Keefe

A deeply investigative and harrowing account, this book delves into the Sackler family’s role in the opioid crisis. It’s a timely and essential read for anyone interested in understanding the devastating impact of the pharmaceutical industry.

”The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race” by Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson, known for his biographies of notable figures, delves into the life of Jennifer Doudna, a scientist who played a pivotal role in developing CRISPR gene-editing technology. This biography explores the ethical and scientific implications of gene editing.

”The Prophets” by Robert Jones Jr.

This historical novel offers a powerful exploration of love, identity, and oppression within the context of slavery. Set on a Southern plantation, it tells the story of two enslaved men who find solace in each other’s company, challenging societal norms. “The Prophets” is a moving and poignant read.

”The Personal Librarian” by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

Based on the life of Belle da Costa Greene, the personal librarian to J.P. Morgan, this novel offers a glimpse into the world of art, literature, and secrecy in early 20th-century New York. It’s a story of ambition, determination, and a hidden identity that readers will find compelling.

”The Anthropocene Reviewed” by John Green

A collection of essays by the beloved author and YouTuber, John Green, “The Anthropocene Reviewed” offers a unique perspective on the world around us. Green reviews various aspects of human existence, from lava to the internet, in a thoughtful and often humorous way. It’s a delightful book for those seeking both insight and entertainment.

”The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming and witty romance novel in 2024, “The Love Hypothesis” is an excellent choice. It follows the story of a physics professor who enlists a fake boyfriend for a research project, leading to unexpected and delightful consequences.

”The Last House on Needless Street” by Catriona Ward

For readers who enjoy psychological thrillers and mysteries, “The Last House on Needless Street” is a compelling option. It’s a story of obsession, secrets, and unreliable narrators, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists and turns.

In conclusion, the literary landscape in 2024 offers a diverse selection of books catering to various tastes and interests. Whether you’re drawn to thought-provoking fiction, gripping non-fiction, or heartwarming romance, this list of top 10 books promises to provide engaging reading experiences throughout the year. Happy reading!